Why show your V ratio?

Why show your V?

Use your physical proportions to show attractiveness – women are naturally attracted to the V ratio (where the shoulders are bigger than the hips) and a good proportion between upper and lower body.

Unless you are at the beach, try to wear well-fitting clothes that at least give the illusion of good proportions. Dark colours for minimizing and light for maximizing. Play it safe and go for dark pants and lighter shirts and avoid baggy clothes that hide the proportions altogether.

Why show your V
Not the V we mean

This means: women want to see your ratio, and often to see your belt, which says a little of how you take care of yourself. They like to see the shape of you

IRL Things

When guys go out with their shirts out, if it’s not a dress shirt made for their body shape then do not do it. Women say this look makes men look like a shapeless lump, it’s hard to read any positive body language.

When buying shirts, make them only reach to the point of your shoulder, or half an inch shorter than the point. This makes you look larger. Don’t try to look larger by wearing a larger shirt, wear a smaller one. Large guys should do this too, it makes them look slimmer and more muscular.

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