What She Wants, from You

The key question we asked was “How do you want to feel, from what he does?”
What She Wants, from You

Because we are staying physically closer together and not going out as much, the at-home-dynamics are getting greater focus and review.

To keep a good feeling and not make your wife exasperated or annoyed with what you do, we have asked some women their thoughts on what she really wants her man to do, for her.

The key question we asked was “How do you want to feel, from what he does?” and here are the answers.

  • I want to feel like a woman, I don’t want to feel like your mother. If you want to be with me, you have to take ownership of your own adult stuff.
  • I want to feel cherished, special, and that you love having me in your life.  Don’t assume that I feel your love and admiration, let me know what you love about me and let me know the gratitude you feel about having me in your life.
  • I want us to bring out the best in one another. That means sharing our lives as individuals and not becoming completely co-dependent and we don’t have to control one another’s choices. 
  • I want to spend quality time with you.  Set some time aside just for us and set some time up for you. Don’t try to combine us by sitting with me while you catch up on your sport on your smartphone.
  • I want help with the boring stuff so I can have time to be as interesting as you. If you want to be intimate together, don’t leave all the finance and housework to me (see our post here for what this means).
  • I want to be ravished. I want the flirtation and the passion directed for me as much as for you.
  • Share your thoughts on things. I know you have thoughts because they result in actions. Sometimes it would be great to have you share your troubles with me instead of keeping them inside and acting out.
  • Mix it up. Anything can become a habit. Don’t let our lives become routine.
  • Take care of yourself. Once again, I am not your mother, so take yourself to the dentist, the doctor, the podiatrist, whatever, don’t make me tell you.
  • Slow down and smell the roses. Yes women like a successful man, but they also like a man that can turn off work and turn on life as soon as they walk out that door.

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