The most powerful words in the world

The most powerful words in the world are 'I'll be there for you'.
powerful words

Being there for another person is the greatest gift you can ever give.

A huge impact happens to you and them when you’re truly present for another person. It actually renews your love and friendship and creates a connecting bond between you. It often restores you both emotionally and spiritually.

  • Being there is the core of every relationship, even new relationships.

The words ‘I will be there’  to your lover, partner, and family are powerful.
It’s your promise and it shows the commitment that you will not leave them.

  • You will be there for them again and again.
  • You’ll make this a priority in your life.
  • You’ll look back on your beginning.
  • You’ll work on ‘your togetherness’ now because it is something that you wish to last forever and you’ll anticipate your future together.

You do this by answering any other request for your time with Yes, I will be there.

The majority of people make commitments to others all the time but it’s sometimes impossible to follow through on every single one. How you manage them when you cannot complete them, is essential to understanding yourself. If we break the commitment (without a suitable reason), it tells the other person they are not so important in our lives, that they are not valued.

  • This creates a rift between couples, colleagues, friends.
  • This lets yourself down, and disrespects yourself.

So if you say it, you mean it.

That goes for loving someone, and for appreciating someone. Don’t say it easily, it has to be earned and also given with care. From now on, for every commitment you make in your relationship, work, or friendships, either keep them or do not make them. You decide this by asking:

  • What is my motivation for this? 
  • Is this for me or for them?
  • How much of my time and effort is required?
  • Can I fit that in my schedule?

You put their time into your scheduler and act on it when it needs to be done. I do this for my work, relationship, and Being a Dad commitment.  If it cannot fit or the time has to be changed, I tell them and reschedule, or rearrange other things.

It’s the telling them which shows you value them.

IRL Things

Knowing you are supported, that someone’s got your back is one of the safest feelings in the world. It’s like when you used to fall asleep in the back seat of the car and Mum or Dad put you into bed, taking care of you. Wrap this feeling up strongly with I will be there.

To your partner (and your kids) it means that no matter what they’re dealing with, they will face it together with you, hand in hand.

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