Easy, Happy and Sweet things to do for your Wife

To keep your marriage happy each day and going well, here are some sweet things to do for your wife.
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Every marriage can get boring and stale without any fault of the couple. To keep your marriage happy each day and going well, here are some sweet things to do for your wife.

  • The wrapped surprise gift for no reason (only and always do this when you have done nothing wrong)
  • Telling her how attractive I think she is (a wink and a “you’re cute” while I’m making my morning tea makes my wife grin).
  • Put a new toilet paper roll in the toilet paper holder. I found this easiest to do when I keep the spare toilet rolls in the toilet area.
  • Showing affection to her in public, like holding hands while shopping or walking across the road. Men look much more attractive when they do this.

Backrubs, Backrubs, Backrubs

IRL Things
  • Sending a text every once in a while that just says I’m thinking about her, or just something cute
  • Doing things (like chores) without being asked or reminded to do it
  • Making sandwiches for her (only to watch her struggle to eat it)
  • I get what I want,
  • I make firm decisions for dinner or a movie.
  • I make decisions to be fun. One evening after dinner, I told my wife I want to take you out tonight. She asked me where we were going and I replied I’m not telling you (because I had not made up my mind yet, but that part is secret). I told her to dress comfy and happy, and I used her dress style to help me decide.
    When we were in the car on the way to the city, she asked where are you taking me?. I told her You have 3 choices, A, B or C.. choose one of them. She asked What is A? .. I’m not telling you, I said. So she chose B. I made a grimace-face as if it was a difficult decision, then changed lanes and went to the late-night coffee shop. She had a great time that night, and asked me What is A? .. I’m not telling you, I said (I wanted to save it for next time).


IRL Things
  • Handwritten letters on the kitchen counter, even if they say I’m in the garage but it’s a secret, don’t come in .. and of course, she cannot stay away.
  • Complimenting her in front of other people, but never something physical that she cannot change like her looks or physique. Always make it to be something she can change like hair, clothes, style.
  • No-reason flowers, which I get on the way home from work.
  • A terribly made home-made cake for her birthday, with a very poor attempt at writing on it. I once used a dinner candle for her birthday candle, it was huge!
  • Compliment her… on anything that she does that you like.
  • Apologizing (only when I do something wrong of course), and letting her know that I understand when I have hurt her feelings.

Being happy when she gets home, give her a hug

IRL THings
  • Picking up after myself, I have a habit of leaving half-empty drinks about.
  • Paying 100% attention to her.
  • Paying zero attention to her.
  • Cooking and take her on dates.
  • Making a pillow fort & eating snacks.

Whenever she says I love you, I don’t say me too,
I say Fuck yeah!

IRL Things
  • Cooking or baking a favorite thing together.
  • No reason ice creams!
  • Making her food without asking if she wants it.
  • Having a nighttime picnic in the backyard or at the beach in the summer.
  • Sexy slow-motion changing into my pajamas when she is in the room with me.

Getting a cheap ice cream cone at McDonald’s

IRL Things
  • I found a cheap piece of furniture and we fixed it up together.
  • Easter egg hunt (not to be confused with the Where is my sock? hunt).
  • Visiting elderly family members who don’t deserve to be lonely.
  • Riding the swings and slides at the park.

Live music performance, even if it is me

IRL THings
  • Going to the planetarium (and not falling asleep).
  • Just drive and eat at a random place along the way while doing fun stuff like stopping by the beach.
  • Walking through antique furniture shops.
  • Take a backstreet stroll and chat.
  • Go to a busy area at night and do some people watching.

Asking her to sing terribly at my funeral

IRL Things

I have no apologies.

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