Relationship Reminders

Relationship Reminders. Period help.

Some simple and quick relationship reminders, to keep your happy marriage going

Relationships are made up of little bits of shared moments.
Make yours happy ones

IRL Things

Be grateful, say thank you, acknowledge the gift that she gives you by making dinner, tidying the bedroom, remembering to buy the ‘whatever it is that you like’. These are all ways that she gives you love, so don’t just expect it; notice and acknowledge these things and return the care. Ask how you can help. Set reminders so that you can be the one that takes the initiative and be the one that buys the snacks that she enjoys.

  • Reminisce often to reinforce good memories.
  • Create opportunities to laugh often.

Honor the Home

Your home is a place to ‘live, relax and revive’ – don’t dump in it.

This means that if you are having a hard time at work, make sure that you unwind before you come home so that you don’t dump the negative energy when you arrive home. If you need some support or vent your frustration, then take your issues for a walk around the neighborhood by walking and talking.  Literally ‘air-out’ your issues.  First though, check in with your lover and see where she is at because she may have a better vibe going that you can just flow into.

When do people switch from dating to merging?

Do they have to?

  • If you learn to respect another person’s moods, feelings, experiences as much as your own, you can have a richer life experience.

Share her triumphs and share yours with her.

  • Talk things through at the right time and know when the right time is.  Rule of thumb- don’t bring up anything highly sensitive or controversial at bed-time, just before you have guests or in the car on the way to an event.
  • Have some agreement on this – say ‘I would really like to discuss this, but now’s not really the best time. How about we talk about it when – we are both not so tired, when we both have more time’…or whatever.
  • Don’t avoid the hard conversations – just make time for them in a neutral zone and at the best time to avoid public displays or sleeping on bad feelings.
  • Meet up in a park after work; take a detour on the way to buy groceries.

Boy meets Girl? .. How about Man meets Woman

It’s important to communicate your needs.

Sometimes people ‘ play up’ because they need to ‘take’ freedom when all they needed to do was to set expectations.  If you want to be treated with the respect you need to behave and communicate like an adult at home as well as at work. How many times do I hear guys say ‘my wife won’t let me out tonight’ or ‘I can’t do that because my wife wouldn’t like it.’ Man up and own your stuff guys! Don’t seek permission, but DO seek to respect the life that you have together.

If you want to continue to have a guys’ night out once a week, then just say that. 

Respect where she’s at and what she needs also. If you don’t want a guys’ night, then don’t use your wife as an excuse. There’s nothing more annoying to a woman than a man playing the ‘boy’ card when it suits them. Similarly, don’t fall into the trap of her playing helpless damsel either.  If you feel that something doesn’t make sense then ask for more information.  Games like these start to eat away at the relationship.

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