Period Help for men (& women)

A period app for men to know the how, when, and why of the different feelings each day
Period help tips and lifehacks app

If you have ever wondered why your wife or girlfriend gets angry or upset, there are many answers. You can discard some of them if you know what to look for. To answer this, we made an easier way for men (from 20+ years of research, trial and error, and a lot of info from women) so you know what to do, to help during your wife’s period.

It tells what to expect for each day of her cycle, with details and reasons.

  • When to expect PMS, PCOS, PMDD, and what to do to help.
  • What to eat for an easier PMS and period.
  • When it’s easy-baby-time and how to avoid unexpected pregnancy.

She should keep using her current period tracker apps, Clue is excellent for it and so are some others. We only suggest adding another to your toolbox, so you can understand the how, when, and why of the different feelings each day, which gives you the unique benefits of self-assurance and body confidence.

Personal awesomeness

  • What to expect for each day, what is normal
  • How to make things better
  • What diet is better for different cycle days
  • What type of exercise for each part of your cycle is better for your body


Because it’s better to know what is normal and what top expect, than to have misunderstanding about it. A lot of women were not taught everything that’s important and men were usually taught nothing.

An example for men

  • Today her period starts and she will be tired and not want to do much.
  • She feels happy but her body is giving her pain and making her feel tired.
  • You should help out more with things at home.
  • Don’t worry if it looks like she has gained weight.

Today her body changes feelings and this has quite an impact. If you had stomach and back pains, swollen legs and feet and felt drained, then the feeling within your body would probably change too.

Her period has started, and it’s a relief at the same time as being annoying. She may have a heavy-body feeling, low physical energy, feels cramps, physical pain, and may be feeling a little physically slow but a lot of the stress time is over. While her thinking, speed, and other senses are working well, her body needs rest and comfort .. and we have this for Feelings, Body, Diet, and Intimacy (also to help stop unexpected pregnancy).

An example for women

  • Have small healthy snacks and eat slowly.
  • High water gain in your body, and slow weight loss. Do not worry about these as they are normal.
  • Your blood sugar drops and may cause issues
  • Dark chocolate is good for you, so is rest and keeping your tummy and lower back warm.

So your cycle has begun and most women are relieved that it’s the beginning of the end. Pent up feelings of anxiety and insecurity begin to decrease but at the same time, you may feel physically drained. Be kind to yourself as your body may need physical and emotional rest and comfort.

The theme for the coming few days is Self-Care: relax, renew, re-energize. Seek out the sun in the morning and drink warming herbal teas such as those containing chamomile, ginger, and cinnamon. TCM believes it is better to avoid cold drinks and foods to decrease any stress on your internal systems. Emotionally and psychologically you may be more fragile than usual so don’t indulge any obsessive part of yourself with complex issues that will only disturb you emotionally .. and we have this for Feelings, Body, Diet, and Intimacy (also to help stop unexpected pregnancy).

User feedback

“This app helped restore my confidence.
A lot of the problems I had were around hormones and misunderstandings and blame around that.
So having these beautiful guiding things to read every day was so powerful in helping me feel nurtured the way I never felt.”

Period help tips and lifehacks app Sharon
Sharon, USA

“This makes me realise the difference between how her cycle makes her feel, and how I make her feel”

Mitch, Australia
Period help tips and lifehacks app

“There’s nothing more annoying than being legitimately upset about something and having somebody go “woah someone’s on the rag ” Crazy emotions are not an excuse to flip out on your Serious Other, but you shouldn’t just assume you’ve done nothing wrong either. This will show him it’s not just hormones.”

Period help tips and lifehacks sharon2

“The focus of the info is less on the sexual aspect of relationships (and thus how it ties to menstrual cycles) but more with the hormonal, physical and emotional impact.”

Period help tips and lifehacks  biblical2

“This app came to me at the perfect moment in my life, providing the assurance, validation, and understanding of my feelings that I need all the time, but especially now.

It’s like a light shining into the struggles women go through with these constant fluctuations in our bodies. The high quality of the research behind this is apparent, with the level of detailed accuracy in the descriptions of what’s going on each specific day and the gentle advice that is so helpful”

IRL Quote

“This became part of my morning routine. I’d wake up and check the app and my gf was stunned that I just understood her different moods. Sometimes she was up, other times down. It helped me understand why she was feeling this emotion”

Period help tips and lifehacks stop theBreakup2
from The Breakup

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