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To make and keep a great relationship, the answer is simple: Don’t make her the adventure. When in a relationship, a woman wants TO BE TAKEN ON an adventure, she doesn’t want TO BE the adventure.

This means a woman does not want to be the center of your relationship,
she wants to be a part of it

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You do this physically by taking her on mini-dates to small places such as an ice-cream, coffee, or a walk around the block. She wants you to make the decisions (especially dinner and weekend plans), and to take her to places.

Emotionally, you do this by telling her small stories of adventure in your life, of things you have learned, of new things you have done. To bring her into the story, you start this by asking hey when you were younger did you ever (go to X place, do something scary, wanted to learn something)? and by looking for keywords in her answer. Yes, I wanted to go to Africa when I was a teenager.

You say two statements then a question

Africa, wow, that’s adventurous. I’ve never been to Africa. Why did you want to go? .. and let her tell you.

Try and understand the type of feeling she is trying to share with you: adventure? drama? romance? You then say that reminds me and tell your own story which has a similar feeling to her story because women talk through feelings. She will answer with a new topic with a similar feeling, so keep looking for hooks and do not worry if you move away from the first topic.

I have found that women talk to other women about the same feelings and use different experiences to describe them. Next time you hear some women talking, listen in and you will see this.

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