Know thyself

Know thyself

Whether you are in a relationship currently or seeking to be in a relationship, let’s have a look at what you want vs what you have to offer, and it won’t hurt.

What is most important to you?

  1. Friendship
  2. Support
  3. Admiration
  4. Respect

a) Friendship

  • What attributes can you bring to a friendship?
  • Are you loyal?  
  • Can you alternate between leader and follower?
  • Do you listen as a friend (without an agenda beyond what is best for the other person)?

b) Support.

  • Are you supportive?
  • Can you offer love without expecting anything?
  • Do you know how to encourage someone to grow?
  • Will you allow your lover to be supportive or will you push them away?

c) Admiration.

  • Do you want what he has, but only hotter? Joking! 
  • Is it important to you to leave a mark on society, to be remembered, to achieve great things?
  • Do you want an ambitious partner or someone to feed your ego? Not joking! 

If you seek admiration, what actions are you taking that are worthy of admiration? Honestly, a lot of people seek to be liked/admired as a validation that they are publicly acceptable. Relationships are more private than that. To be admired in a relationship, you need to achieve a balance between being true to yourself and being true to another person. It’s fine to be ambitious and it’s fine to partner with someone that is either also ambitious in their own right, or supportive of your ambition and wishes to share/celebrate with you. But which is it? Do you feel comfortable being shoulder-to-shoulder with a strong woman or do you want the kind of woman that will love to be your wing-man? 

d) Respect.

Well, there’s respect and there’s respect. There’s the kind that you command by behaving like an ass and there’s the other kind that comes from behaving in a respectful way toward others. For the purposes of building relationships, women like the other kind!

Are you an easy person to be in a relationship with or a difficult one?  Tick which words resonate with you and see where the balance lies.

‘sense of humour’‘sense of entitlement’
Understands othersObsessive
GratefulBully others
KindLack empathy
LoyalTake advantage

Unfortunately our society is obsessed with entertainment and misbehavior is often misrepresented as excitement and jealousy is incorrectly associated with passionate love.  This is all wrong.

True love is freely given and honesty goes hand in hand with loyalty. It’s up to you to choose to be the better man.

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