How to get confidence, fast

How to obtain personal power in 2 minutes .. or How to change your state of mind.

Here are some easy ways to quickly give yourself the confidence in all situations.

  • You want to lower your cortisol to think better and raise your testosterone to give you the edge.

You get this by changing your stature. Put your shoulders back, fists on hips, and have a dominant stance for 2 mins (do it somewhere private). This changes the chemical makeup of your body. This addresses the anxiety and changes your state to perform as you want to.

Here’s why

Not only does our mind change our bodies, but our bodies change our mind.

Powerful people are more assertive, more confident, and are more optimistic. High power alpha males have high testosterone and low cortisol both in the primate world as well as with humans. They make better leaders and have a higher tolerance for risk.

You may be surprised to learn that body language not only affects how people think and feel about us, it also governs how we think and feel about ourselves. Not only that, the way in which we pose and hold ourselves, affects the chemical make-up of our body, and takes as little as 2 minutes to change the hormonal balance in our body, so you act much smarter instead of what usually happens.

If we want to feel powerless and small, we can slump down, round our shoulders, and lower our eyes. This will increase the stress hormones in our body so that we feel anxious and down.

A confident person doesn’t need to push their power on others, they actually just stand their ground and attract interest

IRL Things

Better still, if we want to feel confident and powerful, we can achieve this by standing tall, pushing our shoulders back, and putting our hands on our hips or behind our heads. This expansion of our bodies lowers the cortisol (stress/ fight or flight hormone in our body) and increases our testosterone (power, confidence) hormones. It has been proven (from a baseline of normal, test subjects) if you hold a power pose for 2 minutes, you can increase your power state by 20% (20% higher testosterone/ 25% lower cortisol).

Practice this

  1. When you are getting ready to leave the house, set your phone timer for 2 minutes and stand tall, put your chin up, hands on your hips, and pelvis forward. Breathe it in and imagine your power self. Do this as many times as you like throughout the day. Think big and make yourself powerful.
  2. Before you enter a party, social environment, the office .. wherever you feel you need the boost to your confidence, take a good strut down the street like John Travolta.
  3. Chin in the air, smile in the eyes, upright posture, shoulders back…train your body to feel powerful. Think martial arts…have you ever noticed how exciting it is to watch a martial artist fully present in their body, calmly waiting the next move in the fight. That is body power in action.

You can use this technique whenever you are being evaluated:

  • Social situations
  • Job interview
  • Public speaking
  • Talking to new people

Don’t go throwing the full power pose at a girl though, that’s just to get your hormones jumping to attention in private (you want to keep that to yourself).

The power that you bring into your interaction must be more subtle: quiet confidence is attractive and admirable. When you enter the social situation, you need to maintain good posture, but less is more.

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