How a man shows more love and care

Useful ways to show your love and care, even if you’re a busy man, with 5 minutes a day, and without spending much money.
How a man can show his love and care

Ever wonder how a man can show love and care without saying it

Do not take your wife or girlfriend for granted, they need love and care and stability as much as you do. Being present means to be there as much as possible, and not just physically. You can do this emotionally just as well by following the points below.

Be present

  • Make her part of the important things in your life.
  • If you have a successful moment or feel happy about something, then share it.
  • Ask her to join you if you have to go places.
  • Bring her along to meet your friends, but don’t let the women take care of themselves or it all fails. Instead, make sure you include them when you talk and do things.
  • Return calls and texts.

The strongest words a man can say to a woman are not
I love you
the strongest words are
I will be there

IRL Things

Stay close to her physically

  • When you get home, is she is awake, then a hug is so much appreciated. Sometimes it is hard for men to give this, but you should really try. If you’re not comfortable giving a hug then you can come home, say Hi, I’m home .. I’m so glad I’m home. Today was difficult. How was your day?
  • Remember to listen only and do not suggest fixes for her problems (it’s not about the nail). Also, ask How did that make you feel?

It’s the small things

  • Romance to a woman is not flowers and dinner
  • It’s the simpler things like holding her hand, touching her face.
  • Touch her lightly on the back or hips when you walk past.
  • Kiss her on the forehead when you leave in the morning.
  • Get her a small meal or cake to eat while you are having your dinner.
  • Hold hands, touch her arm or thing when driving

Do not talk about work in a complaining way

Actually, do not talk about work problems, instead, talk about the things you are doing at work that make you excited. If you’re stuck in rut, then summarise the things you are doing and say the purpose of them. Show her that you are a man in control of your world, even if it is not much

Remember the man who is a leader is the one who is attractive.
You most easily do this by showing your ambition.

Be a leader, in your own home

  • Even if you are just a team leader or a team follower, if you can lead the way things are done with ideas, then that’s what you can talk about. It’s the ambition of a man that is attractive to a woman, even if it is not in your current job, you are working there because you have a goal and your job is one of the ways that is helping to get you there.

Show your passion

  • Your passion can be shown in many ways, it’s in the hobbies you do, and it’s in playing with your wife and with your kids.
  • Talk about how you feel about things, even if it is about the taste of fruit.

Really listen to her

  • Often women complain in a way that goes in many different directions. If she has a problem, do not try and fix it for her.
  • You must make sure you engage her in her drama. Asking questions that make her explore her feelings more is the essence of really listening

Remember things

  • Use an electronic diary to remember birthdays, her favourite scented candle, her favourite flower. It’s the small things that make the difference

Contact her for no reason

  • Text or call to just say hello, see how her day is going, say good morning and good night, just make sure you give her a clear signal that you think about her. It doesn’t have to be every day, just a few times each week. I’ve even sent a text message from my home office to my wife in the kitchen that just said muah!
  • Sending a card to her from the office (for no reason), you can write something like Sorry I’ve been so busy but I’m working hard for us.

Don’t worry so much what you do, as long as you do it together

IRL Things

Going out

  • Walking around the block, or anywhere.. just hold hands.
  • Mini-dates: getting hot chocolate somewhere late at night, 5 minutes drive from home.
  • Having an ice-cream picnic: get ice-creams and sit in the car and chat.
  • A meaningful relationship is just as much about sharing in everyday things together, as it is about exciting things

Give the small experiences

  • Go to the movies.
  • Cook Sunday breakfast or lunch for her.
  • Cook dinner together sometime. Most women think men who cook are sexy, especially if they wear aprons and have a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter about the quality of the dinner, it’s the quality of the effort that counts.
  • Hold her bags.
  • Open the door for her.
  • Hold the umbrella while it’s raining.
  • Always do the dishes (always).
  • Spend a Saturday or Sunday night away from home, together.

Do not sacrifice yourself, compromise instead

Sometimes you have to put your own self-interests to the side and do things that make her happy. You can do this without becoming a doormat.

Defend her and support her when it’s needed. Remember, even though a woman will make most of the decision like which bank, which sofa to buy, which house to get, she is looking to you for direction even if it is just your agreement and support.

  • Always admit your mistakes.
  • And follow it with I’d like to make this right.
  • Ask for her thoughts.
    • When you ask for her thoughts on a decision you are trying to make or a situation you are in, to her it means you value her opinion enough to take her seriously and actually use it as a guiding light in your own life. If you value her thoughts, it means you value her.

Always make her feel safe

  • This means protecting her and the children from any risk. Always make her feel safe. Never talk about leaving the family, or about moving to somewhere else, always talk about the future together and ask her thoughts about the different ideas you talk about.

Let her smooth your moods

  • Never get easily angry, let her smooth your moods even when you feel you are right. Her opinion is another way of looking at the same thing, which is an extra view toward making the right decision

Being sexual?

Which gift is better? The one in a plastic bag, or the one that is beautifully wrapped with a bow and a card? Take the time to appreciate the love and care put into the gift. I’m not saying women are gifts because they are not. But they certainly take a lot more time in their appearance than men do, and I’m also am saying that the more time you spend in foreplay and sensuality will make anything sexual later to be much more intense and memorable. Spending some time before being sexual is what a high percentage of women want.

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