Happy marriage? Always treat your wife like your lover

If you allow them, women will be both mother and lover to you, and this is not good.
Happy marriage

Many women are naturally better at taking care of others and the home than men are. This doesn’t mean that men should revert to being teenagers when it suits by leaving all the jobs to their lover to do.  It’s helpful if you never stop calling them your lover in your mind as a constant reminder that this individual is choosing to be with you.

  • Do you really want them to become the servant of the house, becoming duller and more compliant as time passes?
  • Or do you want to support them to continue to blossom and mature into an even more exciting and self-fulfilled person in their own right?

Here’s the thing ..

Just don’t take things for granted.

Yes, she loves to perform acts of service as a gift of love, but always remember that, and always communicate this love back to her. Acknowledge the care she gives to you and return the love. Sit her down from time to time and give her a shoulder massage, wrap your arms around her and gift her a kiss, pick up after yourself and let her know that to you see her as a treasured being and so it would be a gift if she would allow you to return the care for her.

It takes a lot of small jobs to create harmony in a home and you should each be contributors. If you work very long hours, at the least your contribution should be to greet your lover with enthusiasm after each parting and thank them for being so wonderful and making your home such a pleasure to enjoy. Do it your own way, but make sure you do it.

Exotic is better than domestic

This mutual care and attention can be a continual mating dance. If you take care to nurture your love on a daily basis, you can enjoy a daily intimacy that you will experience with no other. 

Often guys seek to fulfill this intimacy outside marriage because they have allowed their exotic bird to become a domestic fowl within the home. Attempting to keep two birds is a selfish and unnecessary game that leaves both birds feeling less than satisfied.

Eventually, the domestic fowl becomes more desirous of an attentive husband and becomes deeply sad, and the exotic bird tires of the lack of depth in the relationship and begins to pressure for more from you or leaves you for another.

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