YSGM is about the physical (not the emotional) impact of the menstrual cycle. It describes how the body is expected to feel and react during each day of your cycle, and gives care advice in areas of Feelings, Body, Diet, and Intimacy and gives information for menstrual cycle care, menstruation, PMS, and period care.

YSGM is for women and men who menstruate and ovulate; however similar to how John Gray says “Probably you will find some comments truer than others…after all, we are unique individuals with unique experiences.”         

Our Team

These are 60 of the many who have worked on the info in our service (first names only for their privacy), and does not include the hundred+ people who gave us their stories, feelings, critique, lessons learned, and experience.

Aimi, Jennifer, Aki, Chinatsu, Peter, Tomoko, Ayumi, Jaydip, Sidonie, Yoga, Adam, Eri, Ammi, Julian, Yumi, Georgie, Yurie, Sharon, Lulu, Leslie Carol Botha, Mike, Alecia, Francis, Alexander, Brett, Crystal, Marc, Emu, Tom, Jesse, Georgia, Phil, Scott, Mai, Melissa, Jack, Chie, Elena, David, Patrick, Min Jeung, LinLin, Moon, Satomi, Yumi, YuYue, Alene, Sin Hwa, Saori, Yui, Chiaki, Erina, Michael, James, Ani, Kayo, Gawon, Konomi, Maiko, Rumi, Greg.


Over 20 years ago my wife became sick after a birth control injection, so I started to research it. I found nothing about the chemicals in the injection but I learned a lot about menstrual cycles, things I did not know.

Since then, I kept the research going and a lot of people, world experts, and noted authors joined in and together we created an app that tells (for each day of her cycle) the expected physical feelings. We then give advice for an easier cycle (body, diet), and to stop unexpected pregnancy (intimacy), in English and Japanese, for women and men. The backstory is here