12 things to help your period

Many ask "what helps my period?" so here are 12 things that help your period
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  1. Your body naturally retains water in the last few days before your period and also your first two period days, but you need to keep drinking more water for it to adequately move substances around and out of your body.
  2. Broccoli is a powerful antioxidant and reduces breast cancer, but can give some stomach gas. Sleeping on your left side is the easiest to release gas.
  3. Too much salt (just before and during your period) also increases breast pain and reduces the water in your cells which makes your body work harder and this makes your body tired, which in turn may make you easier to be irritated.
  4. Period poops are often painful due to the increased release of prostaglandins, which cause both the uterus and the colon to contract. Both of these give intestinal distress but can be eased with a better diet before your period, or with OTC medicine during your period. If your period poop smells bad then you need a better diet.
  5. For period diarrhoea, cut out the sweeteners, caffeine, dairy, wheat, and gluten as much as possible because sugary foods don’t help you.
  6. Calcium helps relieve cramps but dairy is said to make cramps worse, so try to get calcium from soya beans and green leafy vegetables (except spinach because it is high in oxalates (oxalic acid) which limits your body’s ability to absorb calcium).
  7. For most menstruators, day 2 is the hardest day but preparing for it makes it easier. This means to reduce salt and cold foods and drinks in the last 2 days before your period and in the first 2 period days, though if you want them then follow them up with a warm drink. There is a lot of debate on this because even though these body parts don’t connect, the origin of all menstrual blood is the kidneys.
  8. The vagina is self-cleaning but the skin around it is not, concentrate on cleaning the outer area and not the inside.
  9. Blood sugar levels often drop a little at the start of your third week and this may cause headaches and changes in your feelings.
  10. The start of your third week (usually day 22) usually starts great but sometimes may end with a misunderstanding. This is because your progesterone has hit a high, and your estrogen is coming off its second peak. The mix of this is thought to increase your feelings of loneliness and wanting to be reassured that you are loved.
  11. In the last few days before your period starts, limit green tea until your period is finished (plus one day), because green tea decreases your body’s ability to absorb iron. Lack of iron causes headaches.
  12. For some women, apart from an unsuitable period diet, an iron deficiency may also be caused by a B12 deficiency, while for others, their iron is better absorbed with vitamin c.

This helps your self-confidence, and body confidence, and gives you the assurance that things are normal within you. The men’s version is different and gives ways to help (without giving too much information).

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